Beautifully classic albums elevated to tell your story

Classic signature albums are a beautiful way to tell your story in print. They are carefully constructed in the U.S. by a team of professionals who work skillfully and thoughtfully. Professionally designed, retouched, and printed albums are a worthwhile investment. They allow you to acknowledge and herald your love at any moment on any day at your home, just because you can turn to that page that makes your heart beam whenever you wish. Albums also celebrate your marriage for posterity, as future generations will come to learn the story of your family legacy.

Much of our lives are spent viewing screens and as technology continues to change, still nothing beats holding a physical album in your hands. The photos from your wedding day are the most tangible artifact remaining -- of course, aside from being married!

There's nothing better than seeing them beautifully printed in an exquisite album that you can touch and feel. No internet access needed. Cozied up on the couch with your love, you can linger on a page, skip ahead to the reception, or flip back to the moment you said "I do" -- the album lets you endlessly relive your wedding story.

Custom designed just for you

I have a seasoned in-house designer. She is amazing. We sit side by side in my office. Her creativity abounds with custom album design. Our combined professional experience and training for how to craft a visual story and what that means for your wedding, results in a provoking album steeped in emotion, poignancy, and a timeless quality. It is meant to move you not just at your 5 year wedding anniversary, but your 50th.

The design process is typically completed in about a month. There is a pre-design phase, three rounds of revisions completed on a weekly turnaround, and final approval. I use a convenient online, private proofing site that allows you to see what we have created, simply submit changes, and easily approve. The hardest part is just picking the photos!

Once the album is approved, production begins. All photos selected for the album are retouched to provide a fundamental, polished, professional, and, most importantly, a level of real refinement. Although subtly noticed, it makes a difference. This phase and the printing phase, combined, is about six to eight weeks, at which point your album will be hand-delivered by Whit, or shipped if meeting in-person isn't feasible.

Custom features

You get to select your cover material and feature to really make this album your own. It will most likely live on your coffee table, have a special spot in your family room, or have it's own shelf display on one of your bookcases, so it totally makes sense you want your album to look its best. You'll just smile and swoon every time you walk past it in your home.

Cover material: Standard leather, distressed leather, metallic leather, linen, suede, velvet, etched

Leather: All styles are genuine Italian full grain leathers. Standard is classic and clean. Distressed exhibits unique variations in natural markings and wear. Metallic is custom and contemporary.

Linen: Beautiful textile blend in an assortment of colors to highlight the imagery in your story

Suede: Smooth nubuck with a sleek surface that has an elegant look and irresistible silkiness

Velvet: Distinctly soft feel with a water repellent finish, the material is extra-heavy duty double rub tested for durability

Etched: Unique patterns can be added to Standard, Distressed, Metallic, Suedes, Velvets

Cover feature: Debossed, debossed with foil stamping, or plain

Debossed: Available with all leathers and linens

Debossed with foil stamping: Available with all leathers except Distressed and all linens.

Foil stamping colors: Black, Copper, Gold, Matte Gold, Granite, Silver or Matte Silver

Plain: Keep it clean and simple for all cover materials

Cover font: Garage Gothic, up to three lines of text, front and center

Click here for more details on Custom Features


Couples albums

All of the following is included:

Pre-design and 3 rounds of revisions

Classic photo retouching on entire final approved album

30-pages of flushmount-style thick page

Classic felt press paper has a smooth finish. It is archival, acid free, elemental chlorine free, and is a Forest Stewardship Council certified paper made of 30% recycled content.

Cover material of your choice: standard leather, distressed leather, metallic leather, linen, suede, velvet, etched

Cover feature of your choice: debossed, debossed with foil stamping, or plain

End leaf option: Flat black or White art paper, thick pages

Modern album box included to keep your album safe and sound when it’s not on display in your home! Buckram-linen style fabric in a graphite color.

$2700 for 15 x 10"

$2500 for 12 x 12"

$1800 for 10 x 10”

$1000 for 8 x 8” (available for family sessions, reunions, engagements)

$700 off for full-size copies (8x8” copies are $200 off)

Companion albums

Great for parents or loved ones as a thank you or surprise gift.

Companion albums are smaller versions with the exact layout, design, and flushmount page style as the Couples album.

Covers are the same material. Cover features appear as the same text and style, if any on the Couples album.

Must be ordered at the same time with the Couples album.

10 x 10" Companion album for 15 x 10" Couples album

8 x 8" Companion album for 12 x 12” and 10 x 10" Couples album

$1500 for two Companion albums

$800 for one Companion album

Discounts for larger volume orders

Album upgrades

Want to include your rehearsal dinner and welcome party in your album? How about more of those epic dance floor moments of your favorite guests tearing it up? Or maybe you want to see more portraits of you and your love? Just add more pages to make your story more robust and full of all that emotion from your best day ever. Three rounds of revisions completed on a weekly turnaround is usually plenty, but if you want to make more revisions that's fine, too. You deserve to have it exactly the way you want.

Additional Page Spreads:

$200/spread for 15 x 10"

$100/spread for 12 x 12"

$100/spread for 10 x 10"

$75/spread for 8 x 8”

Additional Rounds of Revisions: $250/round (3 rounds are included)

Additional Retouching: $150/hour (full album retouching is included, this is for anything beyond)

Over the course of your lifetime and future generations, the valuation of these albums is put into worthwhile perspective.  I’m sure you know someone who said “I’ll just do it myself” and has yet to make their album or was disappointed in the quality of the online do-it-yourself merchant they chose as they are extremely limited in customization and use template designs. If you’re on the fence, let's have a quick phone call to honestly discuss everything and I can answer all your questions and concerns. Ultimately, this would take a lot of work off your plate and you would only really have to decide which photos you want to use, and you could know that everything else is being taken care of for you. I promise you will be so happy you chose to have your album professionally custom-designed, retouched, and printed.  I look forward to speaking with you!  781.492.7069 is my cell, is my email. - Whit