— custom features —

Classic Genuine Leather Cover: Top European leather supplier of beautiful hides, soft to the touch.

Contemporary Genuine Leather Cover: Unique to this supplier and specially made by one of France's oldest and finest artisan tanneries.

Vintage Genuine Leather Cover: Earthy leathers with inviting textures pleasing to touch.

Micro Leather Cover (Faux/Vegan): Tasteful texture, supple finish, slightly softer than the Classic Genuine Leather.

Linen: Variety of colors, finely woven fabric, soft texture, fiber-finish.

Library Buckram: Evolved over centuries, a durable choice of bookbinders, publishers and libraries. European made. Finish has a delicate shine.

Japanese Silk: Delicate, sophisticated, beautiful bookbinding silks from one of Japan's best mills. Smaller albums or 15 spreads max.

Paper Type: Silver Halide photographic printing on premiere lustre paper with a thick page mount. Rich accurate vibrant color, tonal, delicately textured surface, smooth, timeless finish.

Vellum Title Page: Translucent white vellum custom-designed tile page elegantly elevates and personalizes album design.

Cover Motifs: Full or half photo image is silver halide print with delicate textured laminate for protection. Four motifs include photo only, full bleed photo with Futura text, text only, and framed (black, ivory, silver, gold).

Debossing: Plain or with foil. Silver, copper, rose gold, steel, gold, black, white, blind (plain). One line of text, front and center.

Font: Futura, Affection, Windsong. One line of text, front and center.